Meet Reena Kanner

“My interest in houses is both large and small!”…

Because of  my interest in dollhouses and dolls. I have sold home from $40,000-$1,500,000. And feel that all buyers and sellers should feel “special”. This is usually the largest investment they will be making be it their first home or the home they will be selling due to retirement and scaling down. They only way I feel a client can be truly helped is by an agent that is full time, really cares, has the knowledge and technology to meet their needs. Always learning and willing to answer their questions is paramount to a good relationship. Most of my new clients are personal referrals; clients are also contacting me from my marketing programs and as a relocation specialist.

Of course, I must let it be said that my family is very special to me and takes top rung in my heart over my Browns and Indians. So I must introduce you to my kids!!

My Cleveland Browns are alive and well, and I look forward to much growth from them in the years to come. You ask how women can get all hyped up about a rough and tumble sport? Our son was in the Air Force stationed in South Dakota and would call home on Sunday nights to get the scores. This became a call to his father to discuss the highlights and one or two plays, and good old mom got left out. In order to be a part of these mens’ games I started learning what team went with what city and who the quarterback was. Then the channel surfing started, so at least I knew one or two good plays or who fumbled and why. The family created a real monster, and I do love attending the games and screaming my lungs out and freezing. The new Browns Stadium is a real work of art with many fine features, but the old lady on the lake will be remembered very fondly by many of us.

The Cleveland Indians were my father’s team and I grew up being able to share this sport with him, listening to the games on the radio. When you are from a large family and the oldest and a son didn’t come before three more daughters, you take advantage of the opportunity. This year has again seen a rewarding and exciting team and the ballpark is very user friendly.

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